Laurel Long

Laurel met Mingyur Rinpoche in 2003, and has devoted herself to following Rinpoche studying Dharma and meditation. Inspired by Rinpoche’s unique approach to teaching meditation, Laurel has been instrumental in developing and expanding the Tergar Community as well as leading Tergar JOL programs, for both English and Chinese-speaking participants. She helped establish the Tergar San Francisco Bay Area community and later, Tergar Medford. Laurel’s passion is to continue learning and practicing meditation with others. She loves to travel the world and engage with people of all cultural backgrounds. Laurel holds a BS and two MS degrees in Computer Science. Her career as a computer software engineer and later program manager in the Silicon Valley high-tech companies has spanned over 20 years. She is currently retired and lives with her husband in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Laurel currently leads the fundraising and communications efforts within Tergar Schools, helping to bring Mingyur Rinpoche’s profound vision to fruition.