Tergar Schools creates K–12 schools that foster kind and resilient human beings who embody awareness, compassion, wisdom, and joy.

Guiding Principle

The view that all beings are imbued with kindness and resilience guides everything we do. Our path of learning is a holistic and experiential process. We recognize these inherent qualities, unlock their potential, and embody them for the welfare of all.


Based in the vision of Mingyur Rinpoche, Tergar Schools creates K–12 schools that weave together Buddhist view, meditation, and application with contemporary fields of study. We employ innovative teaching approaches that foster curious and creative learners who thrive in and contribute to a complex, interconnected, and changing world.


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Learning Approach

The Buddhist Experience Curriculum (BEC) teaches Tibetan Buddhist practices and principles, emphasizing the inherent goodness of all beings and progressing through the themes of Awareness, Love and Compassion, and Wisdom, culminating in a joyful school ethos.

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Our curriculum explores each topic through three traditional Buddhist elements: view, meditation, and application. This framework encompasses the cognitive, affective, and nonconceptual forms of knowing, where the view refers to learning; meditation involves experiential learning of awareness, compassion, wisdom, and joy; and application is about putting the learned topics into practice in daily life.

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Our curriculum provides learning that 1) emerges through lived experience; 2) is explored through contemplative practices; 3) is inquiry-based; and 4) emphasizes daily-life application.

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Our integrated academic curriculum is based on the view of basic goodness, and it encourages exploration and discovery in classrooms. We utilize real-world examples and aim to scaffold knowledge and skills that are relevant to students’ lives. This is done through a series of spiraled topics and units that are integrated in nature, emphasizing four baskets: communication, culture, environment, and design.

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Tergar School Kathmandu Transforms

In this story, Lynette Zapp, Head of Tergar School Kathmandu discusses the marked improvement that she’s witnessed since joining the Tergar Schools family. From teacher competency to student well-being, and from the physical campus to the feel of being on site, she explains that the campus is nearly unrecognizable from when she came in January, 2023.

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Tergar Asia Visits Tergar School Kathmandu

This past August 2nd, Tergar School Kathmandu welcomed Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche along with a group of roughly fifty benefactors from Tergar Asia. The event was filled with joy and featured performances by each class at the school. Come hear more about this joyous occasion.

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Teacher Profile: Tsewang Lhamo

Tsewang Lhamo is our class 2 teacher at Tergar School Kathmandu. Hailing from Mingyur Rinpoche’s home region of Nubri near the Tibetan border, in this piece, Tsewang discusses her observations of her classroom and how Tergar School Kathmandu has impacted her own journey of continual learning.

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