Flagship Campus:
Tergar School Yolmo


As the Tergar Schools flagship campus, Tergar School Yolmo is envisioned as a naturally pristine learning environment in which students can explore both their inner and outer worlds. Embracing Mingyur Rinpoche’s profound vision in every aspect of development, Tergar School Yolmo will imbue its physical setting with an approach that reflects the truths of interdependence and impermanence.


The vision for the campus is to house roughly 500 girls and boys in home-style living spaces, staffed with dorm parents that develop strong relationships with the students in their cohort. These spaces will each contain kitchens and communal living spaces to ensure that the children have an opportunity to experience a home-like living environment.

Our campus design will embrace the natural contours of the mountains and landscape within which it is situated. Using cutting-edge technology, we will create learning spaces that provide easy access to the natural environment, allowing students to develop a strong relationship with the natural world. Additionally, we will include resources, such as a clinic and performance space, that we will share with the local villagers, ensuring a strong sense of community.

Project Phases

Phase 1 (2023-2024): Infrastructure and Design

  • Foundational Infrastructure
    • Reliable water: In order to execute the building of the campus, we must secure a reliable water supply. We will do this by installing a water transportation system from a nearby mountain spring, as well as industrial tanks to ensure continual water supply.
    • Stabilize electrical infrastructure: While the property abuts state-sponsored electrical lines, we will need to enhance these to serve our purposes.
    • Reinforce and rebuild roadways: We will work with the local municipality to implement improvements to the rural roads leading to the property to ensure that construction equipment can access the property effectively.
    • Build perimeter wall: In order to ensure the safety of equipment and residential construction staff, we will construct a retaining wall around the property.
  • Rigorous Design
    • The second area of focus will be a rigorous design process. Given the rural nature of the campus and the breath-taking mountainside where the school will be built, there is an increased need to plan. In turn, we will bring in world-renowned experts to help establish a solid design plan for the future. This will include engineers and architects, as well as educational experts to help anticipate the needs of the campus community.
In addition to the above-mentioned tasks, we are also prioritizing our relationship with the local villages. In turn, Mingyur Rinpoche and senior monastic teachers from Tergar Oselling will periodically visit the site and nearby village to offer teachings and empowerments. The local people are Buddhist in identity but have lost many of the traditions, so they are eager to engage with a master like Mingyur Rinpoche.

Phase 2 (2024-2027): Construction

We anticipate that the construction will take three years. This timeline is ambitious, but we believe that relying on locally harvested and manufactured materials will allow us to act swiftly. This timeline will also allow us to capture the excitement of the Nepali people about this project from Rinpoche—his renown in Nepal is as strong as ever. For this work, we will require a handful of key partnerships in both the public and private sectors. In turn, we will take great care to ensure strong relationships with local officials and professionals, making certain, for example, that our construction practices are aligned with local customs. For this reason, we will be soliciting local collaborators to participate in the visioning and construction of the physical campus.

  • Year 1: Main school building and performance space
  • Year 2: Residential buildings (Part 1) and Staff Accommodations
  • Year 3: Residential buildings (Part 2) and Guest Accommodations
  • Year 4: Staff Training

During this phase we also plan to begin hiring and rigorously training many of the staff that will serve at the Yolmo school. Learning from our previous experience at our strong pilot school in Kathmandu, and particularly by the school’s seasoned leadership, we feel we will be able to better anticipate the needs of the Yolmo school.

Phase 3 (2028): Opening

Our target date to open the campus is Spring 2028. We hope to have classes K–3 functioning at this point, with the addition of classes 4–6 in the year to follow. We feel this is the most reasonable path forward based on the valuable experience we are acquiring at our pilot school in Kathmandu.


Administrative Staff

How to Help

In order to accomplish our goal of creating a transformative learning environment in this breath-taking location, we need your help! Please consider making a donation to help support the building of our flagship campus.