Colin Hamilton

Colin Hamilton is from County Cork in the south of Ireland. At 18, he discovered a Tibetan Buddhist center in West Cork, near his home. He formed a strong connection with Tibetan Buddhism and regularly attended retreats. For the past ten years, he has volunteered at practice centers in Ireland and France.

In his early 20s, Colin began working in the construction industry, gaining experience in various aspects of construction, planning, and management. He recently completed work on the first Tibetan Buddhist temple in Ireland, serving as the construction manager. Colin was delighted to be part of such an interesting project.

In 2010, Colin visited Nepal for the first time and felt a deep connection to the environment and the holy places of Guru Rinpoche. Since then, he has returned to Nepal every few years for pilgrimage and retreat.

In 2023, while visiting Nepal, Colin learned of Mingyur Rinpoche's new school project in Yolmo and offered his help.