Tergar Asia Visits Tergar School Kathmandu

On August 2nd, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche returned to the Tergar School Kathmandu campus with more than 50 generous benefactors. The visit lasted about an hour and a half, and it was filled with joy from start to finish. Rinpoche delivered a powerful lecture, introducing the guests to the essence of the Tergar Schools project. Following this, six talented female teachers from Tergar School Kathmandu engaged in a traditional dance performance.

Each grade, including Kindergarten, presented their own well-rehearsed programs, showcasing their unique talents and achievements. The school’s Learning Leader, Karma Shenden, gracefully guided everyone through a comprehensive tour, not only visiting the students’ classrooms and dormitories but also the specially curated art exhibition prepared for this occasion.

When asked about his impression of the visit, Rinpoche expressed his happiness in being among the students, witnessing their growth, happiness, and commendable dedication to learning.

Among the esteemed guests was Grace Ye, a mother of a five-year-old, embarking on her first visit to Nepal and Tergar School Kathmandu. Sharing her takeaway from the day’s visit, she said, “My heart completely melted seeing the radiant smiles of the school kids as we bid farewell! I hope to bring my son here one day to experience the magic of this place. It takes great courage and wisdom to be an educator, and Rinpoche is undoubtedly a trailblazer in uniting ancient Buddhist wisdom with contemporary education.”

Additionally, Karma Shenden, who led the students and teachers in preparation for the event said: “During the preparation, I really felt our boys and teachers’ love, hard work and teamwork. Throughout the process they were always happy and joyful. We worked together—sometimes I taught them, and sometimes they taught me. As part of the program, we tried to showcase the spirit of Tergar Schools: merging ancient Buddhist wisdom with contemporary education. I think we successfully conveyed this message from our presentation!”

As the event drew to a close, each guest received a heartfelt handmade gift package from the children. The accompanying gift card eloquently read:

“In this gift, the Tergar School Kathmandu’s boys have woven threads of love and kindness, alongside strokes of paint. They crafted joyous expressions on canvas, and origami followers, folding with hope and peace. Their napkins—akin to scrolls—bear words of beauty, touching hearts. These offerings are a manifestation of compassion and a testament to their boundless love.” How beautifully articulated! This event undoubtedly showcased the transformative power of the Tergar Schools approach, which impacts each students’ learning experience.