Kindergarten Class: Basic Goodness in Every Moment

Our story this week comes from Karma Tsering Dolma, Kindergarten teacher at Tergar School Kathmandu. 

My day begins by diligently preparing the day’s lessons and organizing the classroom materials to ensure my students have everything they need for effective interaction and clear communication. Grounded in Rinpoche’s vision that blends dharma practice with contemporary education, I remind myself to embrace patience, observation, attentiveness, and empathy. Keeping an open mind, I continually learn from my fellow educators.

After warmly greeting my students, we kickstart our day with a meditation practice. I guide them to sit comfortably and maintain a loose straight posture. Together, we focus on our breath, noticing the cool air as we inhale and the warm air as we exhale. With a shared intention for the well-being of all sentient beings, we cultivate mindfulness of our body parts and extend kindness to ourselves and others. 

The Tergar curriculum has truly captured my heart with its holistic and experimental approach. I witness my students growing more flexible and I’m constantly amazed by their imaginative ideas and inquisitive nature. I wholeheartedly assure them that I’m always available whenever they need support or guidance.

Within our school campus, I see the manifestation of basic goodness in each student’s actions towards themselves, their peers, and their surroundings. Even at this young age, they embrace concepts such as awareness, compassion, wisdom, and, of course, boundless joy. What truly touches me as a teacher is the overflowing love, warmth, and genuine eagerness my students express when engaging with me.

When it comes to reading, our kindergartners delight in short stories adorned with captivating illustrations. Currently, their favorite tales are “Three Little Piglets” and “Ziji.” It’s a joy to witness their enthusiasm for storytelling and visual exploration.

Karma Tsering Dolma’s story exemplifies the dedication and transformative impact that a teacher can have on their students. By nurturing a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern education, she creates an environment where young minds thrive and basic goodness flourishes.