Tergar School Kathmandu Picnic

Each year, the Tergar School Kathmandu kicks off the new school year with a picnic. Like children everywhere, the students enjoy some free time and a break from the rigor of the classroom. This particular year, the administrative team choose the Godavari Botanical Gardens as the place of adventure. An hour bus ride from downtown Kathmandu, everyone from the school community—including students, teachers and staff—gathered for this memorable event.  Set amidst 82 acres, the gardens are a “must see” in Spring burgeoning with over 500 species of native Nepali rhododendrons, orchids, ferns, cactus, sunflowers, marigolds, and lotus.  The gardens are surrounded by an evergreen natural forest at the base of Mount Phulchowki. This year, the weather couldn’t have been more ideal for the school visit.

Spacious and peaceful, the visit to the gardens filled the students with excitement and curiosity to explore. They were amazed to see so many flowers. Many challenged themselves to memorize the names! After two hours of hiking, hungry and tired the group arrived at the picnic spot for lunch. Following lunch games and sport activities were organized. Bingo was a great hit as students delighted in the gifts they won. The games were followed by song and dance, where new and old students, as well as faculty and staff joined in.  

Each year, this day marks an important moment for Tergar School Kathmandu. Memories were created, connections between staff and students were built, and everyone can head into the new year inspired with confidence to continue their learning journey. The joy felt by the community was evident throughout. Reflecting back, one new teacher shared: “the curiosity that I saw in students made me more excited to teach them!”

The day ended with students collecting garbage around the entrance to the park, reinforcing a sense of care for the environment.  It was satisfying for the Tergar School Kathmandu’s organizing team to see Rinpoche’s vision evident in the experiences of the students, rich learning about the natural world and loads of fun.