Tergar International Visits Tergar School

Mingyur Rinpoche and the Tergar International staff visited our school for a joyful celebration. Our time together featured a ribbon cutting ceremony for our new prayer hall, presentations from our teachers and students, a meal together, and plenty of song and dance! This visit was an important first step toward introducing the Tergar Schools project to the world and we hope it signals a strong relationship with Rinpoche’s International community for many years to come.

Reflecting on the visit, Head of School, Lynette Zapp said: 

The entire staff at the school worked as a community to create this event. Every single person worked as hard as possible towards the success of the event and there was communal joy and celebration at the success. It showed the dedication and personal investment that each person has to our school and our 'family'.

The preparations for the event were plentiful! It exemplified the commitment of our amazing staff. Together, our staff provided a truly thoughtful experience for all of our visitors. From the final preparations of the new prayer hall, to the kitchen staff adjusting their recipes to meet international tastes; from planting new flowers, to the children washing and pressing their robes; and from teachers putting in many hours preparing for the celebratory presentation, to the thoughtful parting gifts offered at the end of the visit, every detail was considered. 

About the preparations, Head Chef Dhundup Lama said: “Initially I was really worried as I wasn’t sure if the international guests would like the food. But, after the program, when I heard the positive reviews, I was so delighted. It was such a blessing to have Rinpoche present. We managed to get the food ready on time, which wasn’t easy. I am really thankful to all the cooking staff who worked hard to prepare the meal. It felt really nice when the senior management team expressed their appreciation.” 

Mingyur Rinpoche was particularly pleased to see the new prayer hall. He expressed his appreciation for its placement amongst the bamboo trees as it reminded him of a forest monastery. 

Remarking on the visit, Tergar International Executive Director, Cortland Dahl expressed tremendous appreciation.

On the children’s experience of the event, our Kindergarten teacher, Karma Tsering Drolma remarked: “When we told the children that Rinpoche would come to the school along with international guests, the childrens’ faces just glowed. The day was quite useful for our students. During the senior students’ performance, our younger children watched intently. This helped them better understand how to perform when their chance came. All the students were so happy seeing their teachers performing a welcome dance. Everyone did their best to make the event so successful and memorable.”

May this visit signal a strong relationship amongst Mingyur Rinpoche’s students for years to come!