Pasang Dolma Gurung

Pasang grew up in the Nubri region of Nepal, home to Mingyur Rinpoche. While her remote village offers very few facilities for education, electricity, internet or transportation, the natural beauty and fresh environment are indescribable. From youth, Pasang has found numerous parallels between her home region of Nubri and Tibetan culture.

The impact of Buddhism was foundational to her upbringing. In particular, Pasang loves applying Buddhism within her daily life, especially at the Tergar School Kathmandu. She feels deep satisfaction while caring for the children, regardless of the situation. Whether it is helping a fellow classmate or assisting visitors to adapt to the school, Pasang cultivates the aspiration for bodhichitta in herself and her students' activities.

Pasang is finishing her bachelor’s degree as she teaches at Tergar School Kathmandu. She is particularly interested in the fact that students come from remote villages as she is able to empathize with their experience. She is enthusiastic about contributing to the mission of blending modern education and the Buddhist way of life. When Pasang isn’t studying or teaching she reads voraciously and volunteers for local non-profit organizations.